We are an innovative, quality heed and customer centric organization. Under the group of companies Dhruvraj Syndicate, Valor Industries & R.N.Enterprises.


We consecrate ourselves to provide innovative uses & solutions of Super Absorbent Polymers at affordable price, the product range which has got multiple uses is one of the best at its quality and result oriented attributes have already got paced; the product. For AQUARESERVE™ brand we aim at high agriculture growth of country as agriculture is the main base of India among the other nations around the globe. Also, to create sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere. We believe in accountable industry leadership, creating money-spinning growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and good business ethics. We are committed to the relentlessness pursuit of innovation in compact, energy-saving and through the formation of group-wide platforms will become a community of robust businesses, creating, producing, and providing products and services that emotionally engage customers across the globe.

Attaining our Vision requires superior and continually improving performance in every area and at every level of the organization. Our performance will be guided by a clear and concise strategic statement for each business unit and by an ongoing expedition for brilliance within all operational and work-force functions. By being associated with the agricultural, turf, forestry, and other allied sectors we are committed for relentlessly to improve AQUARESERVE™ and our business efficiencies, we'll achieve exceptional operating performance. And, by linking employee, unit, and divisional goals to our group of companies’ overall business objectives, we'll be able to harvest the power of aligned high-performance teamwork.